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Hello. I'm Halfwest. Or Ven. That's short for Ravenna, after the poem by Oscar Wilde. People call me that because they seem to think I have the soul of a poet. This may well be true. I live in a potted plant. There are pretty bits of souls hung on it! I got them from Mouse, Sparrow, Ramlatch, CJ, Hina, and KIELLE!! :-D :-D :-D They keep me very warm. I have many souls, but the closest and the oldest is Mouse's. She was the first I ever had. It's very special to me, even though she thinks I forget sometimes.

Anybody who needs a place to rest may come to the potted plant. There is always a place here to curl up and be at ease.

I am also a badger. I do not know why. I am M Taxidea taxus, the American badger. Hopefully not for long. I mean that about the American part, not the badger part. I've always been a badger. People keep coming to the conclusion that I may well be a badger with raven wings, which seems as though it ought to be utterly cliched by all the 10,000,000 prepubescent girls who call themselves Raven and draw themselves as emo goth stick figures with giant billowing black feathers sticking out of their arms and shoulder blades; but I promise I'm not like that. I'm a hobbity gardener sort and mostly my wings are rather small and shabby, as I keep tearing them to pieces for quill pens. Add a fool's cap and bells to the equation and there you have it -- me.

I collect books. Especially old books. ESPECIALLY old books which people have written in. If these old books are collections of poetry, all the better. I would quite possibly sell my soul for anthologies of verse published in the late 1800's. Having failed to come up with any males interested in a relationship or any females who aren't underage, I have decided to declare myself bibliosexual. I live in the shadow of a Cathedral (wherein is stored a beautiful collection of CS Lewis first editions). I like to call it Notre Dame and wander about the grounds like Pierre Gringoire. If you don't know who that is, your soul has been poisoned by Disney's interpretation of the story of the hunchback of Notre Dame, which is not about the hunchback in the least. It's ABOUT a gypsy and a poet and a priest, and you ought to go read it immediately. The hunchback is nothing more than a plot device who appears for a few pages and defenestrates Jehan.

I invite anyone with an interest in literature -- particularly poetry -- to join butterflybabble. I am always on the lookout for a good poem.

The following puppets are belong to us:
gorlim - Gorlim the Unhappy - Tolkien - involved in lots o' games, most active in milliways_bar RPG after a two-and-a-half-year life in MESPT
tin_foaly - Foaly - Artemis Fowl book series by Eoin Colfer - milliways_bar RPG
kiss_my_jazz - Danny Boodman T. D. Lemon Nineteen-Hundred '1900' - The Legend of 1900 film - milliways_bar RPG - SEMIRETIRED
simple_secret - the fox - The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - milliways_bar RPG
eddiecricket - Edgar Allan Poe - Having failed (so far, I haven't given up) to start him off in my own World of Moan RPG, Eddie may be joining Milliways, too. We'll see.
unpossessed - Yeliel - the song "Yeliel (my angel)" performed by Lara Fabian - milliways_bar RPG
stupid_scar - Harry Potter - three guesses what his fandom is - milliways_bar RPG
drawn_thatway - Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - milliways_bar RPG
terroristmoose - the sister-biting moose - Monty Python credits - milliways_bar RPG
wyl_waykeeper - Strongbow - ElfQuest graphic novels - milliways_bar RPG
gentleprince - Faramir - Tolkien - milliways_bar RPG
the_fool - the Fool ("Room") - English and American Mummers plays, tarot, and related tradition - milliways_bar RPG

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